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A sizzling yet healthy twist on fried catfish!

Posted by [email protected] on March 2, 2018 at 4:20 PM

To me, nothing says "Lent in New Orleans" more than fried catfish. Churches around town do fish fries as a way to help people eat fish on Friday and raise money. Two weeks ago, Aria and I checked out the fish fry at St. Gabriel's in Pontchartrain Park, but we have decided to give up fried food for the remainder of Lent. This week we chose a healthier alternative, oven "fried" catfish ( It was delicious with a little ketchup and tartar sauce, and satisfied our fried fish craving, but was much lighter than actual fried catfish. 

The prep for the fish is a little different than if you were going to fry it, and instead of frying it in oil, you bake it in the oven, but the taste is similar. We simplified the recipe in the link by using Zatarain's fish fry, but ideally, you could make your own organic fish fry. To make the recipe lighter, we substituted pecan oil for butter for the drizzle on the fish. Since Aria is on a low FODMAP diet (good for IBS, IBD, and gastroparesis), we used Lactaid lactose-free milk. 

Since catfish is a freshwater fish, it is a better choice for pitta and kapha due to the lower salt content. The spicy cornmeal fish fry is also good for kapha, as it is drying and heating. By baking it rather than frying, the amount of oil used is greatly reduced, which is also beneficial for both pitta and kapha. As for condiments, tartar sauce would be better for pitta, because it is cooling and soothing-but it is too heavy for kapha. Ketchup would be a better choice for kapha, but is not recommended for pitta because of the sour quality of the vinegar and the heating quality of the tomato.

For a side, cooked vegetables such as green peas or green beans are best because they are easier to digest. However, for pitta's with strong digestion, a salad would also be a good choice as it is cooling. 

Check back next Friday for our next fish recipe which will be good for kaphas!

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