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Crescent City Ayurveda

Optimizing the health of New Orleanians

About Us

Crescent City Ayurveda is committed to helping New Orleanians optimize their health through nutrition and lifestyle practices based on the wisdom of Ayurveda. We apply methods using the five senses to create balance and harmony in your life.

Henri Folse, PhD, has studied at the California College of Ayurveda since 2015. A native of New Orleans, Dr. Folse holds degrees in applied math and biology from Harvard, and a PhD in biology from Stanford. Over his career, he has focused on mathematical modeling applied to biology and medicine, which requires both analytic and creative thought.

Henri learned about Ayurveda while practicing Yoga at Laughing Lotus in San Francisco, where he completed a 200-hour teacher training. He continued his studies at Yoga Shakti in Irvine, CA. Henri was drawn to Ayurveda because it brings together his interests in Yoga, herbal medicine, biology, and ecology. Through Ayurveda, he seeks to heal the schism between science and spirituality, and bring about wellness for himself and his community.

To that end, he founded Crescent City Ayurveda in 2017 to bring Ayurveda to New Orleans. He offers both public classes and private consultations.

In private consultations, we will begin by assessing your individual Ayurvedic constitution. We will then develop an individualized treatment plan designed to optimize your health, beginning with digestion, but eventually addressing all aspects of health. The treatment plan is designed to unfold gradually, as we take small, incremental steps to shift your towards greater health.